The moving story of an airline pilot's remarkable journey - from 30,000 feet to the depths of despair…

…then recovery to a new life as an actor - and finding freedom again.

Follow Philip, from learning to fly before he could drive, to becoming a British Airways jet co-pilot with a perfect life ahead of him.

Until his childhood dream turned into a nightmare, after a devastating breakdown destroyed his health, job, career, marriage, and home.

Discharged after five months in hospital, Philip had to start his life again. Cleaning windows, then handling the private jets of the rich and famous, he discovered that people were interesting, whether Royalty, billionaires, pop stars, or SAS men.

The end of twenty years in aviation, from first solo to unemployed ground staff led to a new career: as an actor; becoming a Star Wars pilot, working in Paris, Monaco, Bulgaria, and playing The French President in ‘London Has Fallen.’

With new skills, as a coach helping him to find his true character again, came recovery to the best time of his life.

Philip’s memoir ‘Blue Sky, Red Carpet’ shows that even after the heaviest storm, there is a rainbow to be found.

BLUE SKY, RED CARPET by Philip Appleton

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  “...a brilliant book.”

  “A very strong manuscript with    global appeal."

                          Holmes Editorial

  “The writing can be inspiring,

    moving and vivid.”


Jennifer Barclay, Editor, Reedsy

  “Your story is certainly inspirational     and the ‘happy ending’ is very     touching.”

 Natalie Wilson, Health Journalist

  “Factual, suitably humorous and a    little self-deprecating – all good.”

Zena Knight, Director ABC Training


“Absolutely mesmerising.”

Gill Clarke-Jervoise, Author

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